Sonik Vader X 42" Landing Net 1 Piece Fishing NEW - SVXLN1

Sonik Vader X 42\" Landing Net 1 Piece Fishing NEW - SVXLN1
The VADERX landing nets are manufactured with the same careful attention to detail as the rods. They feature slim, lightweight and strong handles in 1PC or 2PC variations. Super stiff net arms with curved end protectors are matched to a medium depth green mesh; this can be tucked into the spreader block retainer for easier manoeuvrability and quick release. With a discrete matt black finish these nets make the perfect match for our rods. VADERX CARP ROD SPECS • Stiff carbon composite handle and net arms. • Reinforced carbon composite spreader block with net retainer. • Easy flow deep green hex mesh. • Anodised and laser etched butt cap.